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SOLD - VC1150 Compact Fanuc

SOLD - New machine VC1150 Fanuc

Performance machining center


VC1150 Compact

Disponible à partir de:

approx. 9 weeks

Année de fabrication:



FANUC / 0i-F Plus

Lieu d'implantation:

Main factory Sauerlach

Etat actuel:


Numéro de référence:



Software FANUC 0i-F Plus including:

  • Fanuc 15" LCD touch screen, machine control panel and full MDI keyboard
  • Fanuc Manual-Guide i
  • USB port, Ethernet port
  • max. 4 axes can be interpolated simultaneously
  • 6+48 workpiece coordinate systems available
  • 400 tool offset pairs, with tool life monitoring
  • Fanuc cycle package "milling" in the standard (G code and MGi)
  • e.g. thread drilling without compensating chuck, tapping and engraving, helical and cylindrical interpolation functions
  • with scaling, mirroring and coordinate system rotation functions
  • parallel programming in the background
  • switching between inch and metric
  • electronic hand wheel

Other hardware

  • milling spindle up to 10,000 rpm with belt drive, Pmax=19 kW
  • rapid traverse 30 m/min ( > 1,180 inch/min)
  • coolant system + chip conveyor
  • tool magazine with 32 tool stations and double-arm changer
Indications supplémentaires:

Pictures don't show actual machine and equipment.


price on request