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Bar feeding systems
  • barfeeders made by SPINNER are optimized for our machines for
  • Fully automatic barfeeding
  • multiple types available from 8-110 mm
  • Short types for feeding into spindle uo to 1.500 mm length
  • Supporting systems for long bars up to 3.200 mm length
  • Standardized interface SPINNER-UNIMAG available to connect other brands
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Pallet changing systems
  • Standardized pallet changing systems for SPINNER U5-Series
  • Pallets up to max 400x400mm
  • Up to 30 pallets (more on request)
  • up to 300 kg pallet weight
  • for high flexibility
  • makes 24h machining possible
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Workpiece handling

SPINNER supplied several thousand full automated projects around our lathes and machining-centers. Within our group of companies we handle turn-key projects throut our SPINNER AUTOMATION GMBH located in Markgröningen near Stuttgart / Gemany who take care on very complex Automation projects.


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